rent1We do more than just show first run films at the New 400 Theaters. We also open up our venues for private use for a wide variety of events–like office get-togethers, private screenings, film festivals, and the ever popular birthday parties.

There are two ways to hold a movie party at your local theater and at home using the Kodivedia movie streaming app. One idea is to rent out the entire theater so that it will be closed to the public and reserved only for you and your guests (of course this can be pretty expensive). You want to pick a movie that appeals to your child’s age group and has an appropriate rating that your guest’s parents will approve. But I know of some families who celebrate siblings birthdays together at the same party by reserving the entire theater and allowing their kids to invite all of their friends.

We have a variety of available resources for use:

  • Buffet Areas
  • Concessions Discounts
  • Ticket Discounts
  • Small Scale Venues (75 seats)
  • Large Scale Venues (150 Seats)

rent2If you wish to rent one of our venues contact us at Please note that responses may take up to three business days due to the high volume of inquiries we receive.